Simple, legible New Hire Onboarding – Completed without paper!

OnBoardForms takes the paper out of paperwork, streamlining your onboarding and allowing you r new hires to get on the job fast!  Our completely digital process allows employees to fill out the necessary forms and accurately capture all of the required information one time!

Easily switch to fully automated onboarding with OnBoardForms. Our employee onboarding software completely streamlines hiring, status updates, and open enrollment. The transition from new recruit to a productive employee is smooth and painless. Simply set and go. Previously repetitive tasks become an automated process that works in the background while you’re handling more strategic HR activities.

Your paper documents are transformed into smart digital files that are designed to accept only the type of information you specify, so employees with missing or incorrect information do not pass go. Chasing down employees for missing information is a thing of the past. You’ll have to start using your gym membership to get your steps in.

You’ll be able to collect employee information consistently, accurately and (almost) hands-free, so you can spend your time on more important tasks. Employees love the efficiency of filling out their information ONE TIME only – getting them on the job much faster.

  • Set and go
  • Pain-free transition to paperless onboarding
  • Streamline your hiring process
  • Integrate with existing HRIS
  • Simplify status changes & open enrollment

The Core Functionality of OnBoardForms creates a simple, intuitive and efficient experience for new hires when filling out paperwork.  Fully-streamlined, our software allows users to input their information one-time to automatically fill-in every form where that data is required.

OnBoardForms & E-Verify

Always use the most current forms, (including I-9, federal and state W-4). Our system automatically updates them for you, you’re always up to speed, meet compliance and deadline.  Furthermore, as an E-Verify Employer Agent, you simply click through to the E-Verify website from inside our system. Our advanced technology pushes I-9 data into E-Verify so that you don’t have to log into the E-Verify system.