What Does Strictly Support Do?

iStock_000018894769_SmallWhen people ask us what we do…we admit it’s a little hard to explain.  Without the hassles and costs of an employee , we are your customer support hotline, software trainers, get-it-built team and more (and we can do it from anywhere that has an internet connection!).  We are experts on JobMatch’s applicant tracking software — ApplicantPool, ApplicantPro and iApplicants.  We can help train you, your clients,  your client’s administrators and support applicants with the online application process as needed.

Do you offer pre-hire assessments? We can help with that, too! We are experts on Selective Hiring Assessments, Profiles Assessments, eSkill Tests and more.  Have a new client that needs their assessment site built? We can do that! Need to train a client on the assessment process or build a new pattern?! We can do that, too!

Our helping hands are here to make sure that after the sale is done, your client doesn’t feel forgotten (and, if you need a little help in between, we got you covered).  We want to make sure your clients are successful with their hiring products and that everyone walks away feeling like an expert.